Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Day of Student Teaching

Today was my first day of student teaching and it was awesome!  I have been assigned a third grade class and the school is only ten minutes away from my house.  This group of third graders are super sweet, kind of quiet, and very cute.  I am really excited to spend the next eight weeks teaching and learning from these students.

The school has a great community feel with really kind teachers, a principal that is super friendly, and a lot of parent involvement.  I was so impressed at how much the parents volunteer to help with everything from copying to fundraising.  Every week, the school holds an assembly and gives awards to students, teachers, and volunteers.  The whole school community is really supportive of one another.

This week is all observation for me while I get to know the curriculum and the students.  Next week, I will be taking over with math (working on tangrams!) and then progressively taking over subjects each week.  While I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, I am super excited to be working with these kids and apply the teaching strategies I've been learning about for years.

Any words of wisdom for a student teacher like myself?

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